Ancient Civilizations - India
Indus Valley


We have the following resources about : Indus Valley

Background information

Background informationClimate in India

Background informationEarly Hinduism

Background informationRiver Indus

Background informationLanguage

Background informationRiver Saraswati

Background informationSir Alexander Cunningham

Background informationWriting

Background informationTrade

Background informationCities of the Indus

Background informationCrafts

Background informationDiscovery

Background informationThe end of the Indus Valley civilization

Background informationEnvironment

Background informationHow Indus towns developed

Background informationAgriculture

Background informationRulers

Background informationSeals

Background informationSubsistence economy

Background informationRiver Ganga

Background informationIndra and the monsoons

Background informationHow to decipher an unknown script



DiscussionWhy were the Indus Valley cities abandoned?

DiscussionWhy settle here?

DiscussionHow are ancient scripts deciphered?

DiscussionHow far would you travel to trade something?

DiscussionThe Indus script

DiscussionObservation and interpretation

DiscussionWhat do the objects that have survived from Ancient India tell us about daily life?

DiscussionWhat are symbols and symbolic objects?

DiscussionWhy haven't archaeologists found more evidence from the Indus Valley civilization?



Enquiry GridNatural resources

Enquiry GridAnimals in ancient India

Enquiry GridDaily life in Ancient India

Enquiry GridCrafts in Ancient India



Follow Up ActivityNewspaper reports

Follow Up ActivityMeasuring distances/Planning a trip

Follow Up ActivityWriting on different shapes

Follow Up ActivityChoosing a site to settle

Follow Up ActivityA museum exhibit


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